Thursday, 25 December 2008

The Kingdom of Lord RaRiaz," Riaz Al Jannah"

‘’Riaz Al Jannah’’
The Realm of Lord Ra Riaz

What I own is nothing lesser than what Allah possesses. I have come from my own personal Realm,”Riaz Al Jannah” which is situated in the Unseen World. I may take one or a million to my Kingdom. I shall enter in the bodies of the selected candidates a reflection of mine which will enable them to enter my Kingdom.
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Friday, 19 December 2008

Merry Christmas

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Special Christmas Message from Younus AlGohar

Special Christmas message
from Younus AlGohar -
Messiah Foundation International

Those who celebrate Christmas decorate and light up their homes!
We say: If you love the Christ, decorate and light up your hearts!

Only the people will see the decorated and light up homes, however, God and Jesus Christ will see the light up hearts!

We, through mystical methodology prepare aspiring hearts for the Second Coming of Lord Jesus Christ. We implant Jesus’ and God’s names in the hearts of the love-candidates. We are a group of humanitarian Spiritualists, and we propagate mystical and esoteric knowledge to all human beings without any prejudice or reservation. We are non-religious institution, therefore, people of all sorts of background amalgamate in our doctrine of divine love.

Light up your heart with divine love this Christmas as you light up your homes on this auspicious ocassion of Christmas.

On behalf of
Messiah Foundation International

Younus AlGohar
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