Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Quote of the Day: You Beautify and Groom...

‘You beautify and groom your face with cream and soap because people look at it. Have you ever cleansed what God wants to look at?’ - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, The Religion of God (Divine Love)

'Usted embellece y arregla su cara con crema y jabón porque la gente lo mira. ¿Alguna vez has limpiado lo que Dios quiere mirar?’ - Señor Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, The Religion of God (Divine Love)

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Deedar-e-Ilahi Hadees-e-Jibreel se Sabit! | By Younus AlGohar


Younus AlGohar explains how Seeing God is verified by the Hadith (traditions) of Gabriel. This explanation clarifies His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi's decision to appear in this world as Imam Mehdi AS.

Main points:

- 'When you worship God the quality of your worship should be as such that the substance of your worship is Seeing God. If you are unable to see God then God should see you.' - (Tradition of Gabriel). This is God's most favourable worship; this is the command of God for the entire nation. However, the religious scholars say 'God is always watching you.' This is a great injustice. If God is always watching you then why do you pray to him?

- How many people in the nation of Islam have you come across that are searching for this method of worshipping God? Nobody talks about this because people are not actually practising Islam. They have made their own personal sects [within Islam], they have their own interpretations and understandings. Whereas, [this Hadith] is the core of worship, otherwise prove this Hadith wrong!

- How does God see you? People believe that God is 'All-Seeing.' Then why has he appointed angels for various jobs? This was an unsolvable puzzle which HDE Gohar Shahi revealed the secret to. HDE Gohar Shahi said, 'Round up all religious people and ask God whom he would like to look at?' Then the Lord said, 'Just as you see the stars shining in the night sky, whether or not you know the names, if something is shining you will see it. Whatever does not shine, you will not see it. In a similar way, God looks at the shining hearts, whether or not [those they belong to] practise a religion.'

- Those who have become enlightened have become visible to God. What about the common people? Occasionally, God wants to look at the hearts of common people. So, he appoints a spiritual guide. When God looks at the common people, where does he look? He will look for the disciples of the spiritual guide he has sent into the world. The hearts of those disciples would be shining.

- However, now that sainthood has ended, who will enlighten the hearts of humanity so that they become visible to the merciful glance of God? This is why HDE Gohar Shahi took this responsibility upon His shoulders and came to the world. The hearts that began to shine [with the benevolence of HDE], God would look at those hearts through the eyes of HDE Gohar Shahi. And the people who went against HDE Gohar Shahi and developed a bad conjecture about HDE Gohar Shahi, they fall from the merciful sight of God.

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Quote of the Day: One Who Loves...

‘One who loves cannot be a coward.’ - HH Younus AlGohar

‘Uno que ama no puede ser un cobarde.’ - Su Santidad Younus AlGohar

Monday, 20 November 2017

25th November - Jashan-e-Riaz 2017

Every year, admirers of His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi celebrate the 25th of November with zeal and fervour to mark the day His Divine Eminence graced the world with His auspicious presence. Grand festivities, recitation of devotional songs and meditation are all part of this beautiful occasion.

This year, Younus AlGohar, the CEO of MFI and official representative of His Divine Eminence, will deliver a special lecture on the 25th of November. Be sure to watch him LIVE on MFI’s YouTube Channel, AlRa TV, at 10:00 PM UK time on 25th November - you won’t want to miss this groundbreaking speech!

Quote of the Day: Pain is from the Package...

‘Pain is from the package of love.’ - Younus AlGohar

‘El dolor es del paquete de amor.’ - Su Santidad Younus AlGohar

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Unitarian Spiritualism: The Transcript

The following is the transcript of Younus AlGohar's speech delivered at the Unitarian Spiritualism Conference in Toronto, Canada. The speech was preceded by a few words from social media star and TV host, Waqar Zaka, and the chairman of Messiah Foundation International, Mir Liaqat Ali.

Waqar Zaka

My personal experience with [Younus AlGohar] is that this is a method of bringing spiritual elements in your heart. I think it is amazing that sir has a method that actually creates that atmosphere where you can go anywhere in the world, but still your heart will be connected to God. I think this is a great service to humanity.
There is a lot of confusion about what [spiritualism] actually is, especially in Pakistan. People often mistake it for being another sect [of Islam] and many other things. My job as a reporter is to present the facts. Most of the time, people misunderstand things which they don’t want to understand. My only advice is that please use social media in such a way where you do not hide your good deeds.

Mir Liaqat Ali

I have been asked to introduce HH Younus AlGohar. I did spend 10-11 years in his company. Very intently, I observed His Holiness. I don’t know whether you realise it or not, how fortunate we are that this knowledge and blessings and connection with divinity comes from the main source.

For example, when you flip the switch and turn the light on, the source of energy is coming from somewhere else. Similarly, we are getting connected through His Holiness to the powerhouse.

Here is a chance that you will have divine connection. Ask as many questions as you can to understand. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi has left a wide window open for us. It is a matter of your priorities. This is your chance to be connected to the powerhouse.
His Holiness has worked very hard and travelled from the far east - Osaka, Japan - to the far west - Pakistan, India, Europe, etc. Here is your chance to connect with divinity.

Younus AlGohar, CEO of Messiah Foundation International

Good evening everybody. I am always very happy to be here. I would like to share with you some of the selected observational points that I have learnt throughout my spiritual career.
I was born and bred in Pakistan and obviously had a different attitude towards life - being born in a country where everybody thinks he is right and, unfortunately, nobody is right. When I came to live in England, I had difficulty in understanding others and difficulty in explaining to them that I was right. I lived there for 27-28 years and I remodelled my thought process.
I have learnt that the most difficult job is to tell somebody, ‘I want to correct you.’
The moment you say this to them, they will ask you, ‘Are you correct?’ And then we enter into a new debate. When I say  that I remodelled my thought process, this is exactly what I meant. I change some of my words that I used in the past - for example, ‘I want to correct you.’ I deprived myself of the luxury of saying these words. I want to share something with you - that’s what it is.

We are unattended in this Planet Earth. We think God is watching over us but we do not know whether we are [actually] being watched over. We feel as if we have been abandoned and stranded. We are just doing what we feel like doing. We claim to love our parents, children and we claim to love God, but this is just a claim. We talk about love and peace, but we just talk about it; we do not know what love is.
Every single human being has a different philosophy of life - and he is dead sure that his philosophy is right and everybody else is wrong.
Religions have expired. They were very good, but now religions have become a problem; they do not serve the purpose anymore. They are dead bodies; like a body without a soul. If the religions were still intact and serving the purpose, then Christians, Jews and Muslims would love each other. They wouldn’t fight. They wouldn’t kill each other.

I come from a Muslim background. I studied the Koran. I studied the Bible and Torah too. But I would like to share with you one particular story from the Koran.

The Story of the Last Adam

Adam’s body was being made in the Paradise and the angels raised an objection. They asked God, ‘You are creating Adam again*? Again, he will do the same thing that he did previously - bloodshed, hatred and nothing else. Why are you created Adam again?’

This was the objection raised by the angels because they had seen what Adams had done previously: bloodshed, spread of hatred, killing, massacres, carnage - all in the name of God. All in the name of the religions.

But God this time was so confident because he came up with a newer idea. He was going to do something which he did not do before. On this occasion, he was going to award Adam with extraordinary knowledge of spirituality.
Prior to the coming of the Last Adam, the progenies of all other Adams were not given the knowledge of spirituality. They would simply worship God.
They were not given the knowledge of spirituality with the help of which they could awaken their souls or strengthen their souls. They were naive of spiritual meditation. They were not able to make astral projection. They were not able to make spiritual journeys.

But for the Last Adam, God has something els in mind. He told the angels, ‘This time, I am going to grant this Adam some magnificent knowledge: knowledge of spirituality. A type of knowledge in which he would be able to retrieve divine energy from my different names.; God asked the angels, ‘If you are aware of that knowledge, tell me now.’ They said, ‘No. You never told us this knowledge. How would we know it?’

The principal idea was that when this knowledge would be granted to Adam he would be able to spiritualise his life, strengthen his souls and be able to spiritually connect himself to God. He would be so consumed with the divine environment with the presence of God that he would only spread love. He would only love his fellowmen. He would never kill or hate anybody. He would become sublime.

The concept of jealousy comes when there is no equality - when one is superior and other is inferior. But when everybody is equal, there cannot be a concept of jealousy.

The concept of jealousy came from the Devil. This happened when he realised that with this new knowledge of spirituality, Adam has become so eminent - even if he tried, he would not be able to compete with Adam in spirituality. Because he did not have spirits and this knowledge of spiritual is for those who have spirits. This was an utter disappointment for the Devil.

However, now when spirituality became the mode of love and peace, and pride for humanity, Adam descended on Earth. Before he could teach his progeny how to become sublime, his sons fell out and Abel killed Cain - the same story again. But those who were able to obtain the knowledge of spirituality really become sublime. After Adam, Abraham came to this world. He was awarded a bit more spiritual knowledge in comparison to Adam. With his power and knowledge, he thrived more with love. Subsequent to Abraham came Moses. Then Jesus - and Jesus brought about the methodology of divine love. Then the last prophet, Prophet Mohammad, came and opened the gates upon humanity to see God; however only a little portion of humanity were able to see God.

Now we are living in the 21st century. Religions - how they were practised when the religions were established is just a story. We have not met either Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, or Prophet Mohammad. We have just heard about them. The source is books. We have never been in direct contact with any of the prophets or God. So what we know about God, prophets and religions - our source is very weak. We do not know how many times the religious books have been adulterated and to what extent they have been altered.
Our total dependency and reliance about the religion and God is on the books - and somebody might have fiddled with the books. This approach has failed; you can never come to know the truth by the books.

When the throbs of your heart are synchronised with the name of God - and as a result of this -  divine energy starts to be produced, you feel the warmth of God’s light and love. Within the perimeters of your heart, you are in direct contact with God.
In order to love God, believe you me: neither do you have to be a Muslim, Christian or a Jew. All you need to be is whoever you are because God’s love is for everybody. Whoever wants to love God, God will definitely embrace such a person.
Our struggle is to tell you how to learn this spiritual method. You do not need to go to university or a college; it is not a one-year diploma. It doesn’t take too long. The only time you will need somebody’s help in spirituality is right in the beginning when God’s name with its spirit is implanted and cultivated in the soil of your heart.
It’s like a plant: you sow a seed, keep watering it and one day it will turn into a big tree.
According to a Prophetic Tradition, ‘The Kalima (Word of God) is like a seed. When that seed has been planted in the soil of the heart and you keep watering it with divine energy, it will turn one day into a big tree - the roots of which will lie in your heart. And the branches of which will cover even the imperial dark.

When this comes from a cleric, it is a piece of knowledge. It will become a reality when it will come from a Sufi heart because he has the ability to turn that God’s name into a tree in your heart.

It doesn’t take long; it’s a simple transfer. I was just thinking how money is sent from one place to another and how people are afraid of money laundering. One day people will come and say, ‘There are some newly introduced divine laws - God-laundering.’ God has been transferred from one heart to another.

This is a spiritual transfer. This is what we do.

Divine love is something that you, involuntarily, are not capable of. Your heart must learn to love. It is very unfortunate though, that in order to hate somebody, you do not need to learn. People are so obsessed with hatred and everybody is a champion. If you ask them, ‘Did you go to university, do you have a master’s degree in hatred?’ they will say no - but they know how to hate. But love? You need to learn it.
You don’t need to learn to hate. But you need to learn to love. Because love is precious; God doesn’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry to have the luxury of love.
When you learn to love and you acquire it, you become an honest lover. Between a boyfriend and girlfriend, the love is not really pure; they can cheat on each other [easily]. Similarly, every single religious person is cheating on God every time he sets foot into a mosque, church or temple. They’re cheating on God because they are saying the name of God and worshipping God, but they have something else in their hearts; their intentions are polluted. They are not honest with themselves. They are not honest with God.
God doesn’t just want to make you worship. God wants to love you and God wants to be loved by you.
There must be individuals sitting here who must have known the feeling of being loved. The moment you realise somebody loves you - somebody has been following you - the very fact that you are being loved is wonderful.
When somebody says to you, ‘You look wonderful,’ you go back home and look at yourself in the mirror. You know yourself, but you want to see your face again when somebody tells you that you look beautiful. This is called recognition.
You are only worshipping God; God wants to know that you love him. The only information that people receive about God is through books. [Muslims are told], ‘Go to the mosque five times a day. If you don’t, you are a non-believer. Fast in the month of Ramadan. If you don’t, you are a non-believer.’ This is all true, but then again, what is the purpose of the religion? The purpose of the religion is a connection with God.
It doesn’t really matter what religion you follow. Christianity, Judaism and Islam are monotheistic religions and they all come from the same source: they are all Abrahamic faiths. Jews, Christians and Muslims believe in the same God. We have everything today: the Bible, Torah, Talmud and Koran. There are many thousand mosques all over the world, beautifully built. There are huge churches, synagogues and temples. But are we connected to God? No, we are not. If you are not connected to God, then the purpose is lost.
We are in the business of connecting people to God. The rest is secondary issues.
The primary issue is a connection with God.

Questions and Answers Session

Q: Once your heart is activated with God’s name, how do you maintain the number of times the heart does mention God?

A: It is not in your hands. The number of times a heart can say the name of God is 144 000 times a day. That is the maximum. Only God will decide how many times your heart should be allowed to say God’s name. This is how it is because God is almighty. It is up to him how much love he wants to grant you. In front of God, we’re all beggars and beggars can’t be choosers.

Q: If you wish to love, God has to grant it to you?

A: God is our creator and he knows what dose of love should be given to our soul. If you take an overdose, you will become a Malang (someone intoxicated in God’s love).

Q: You wouldn’t believe how things went in my favour so that I could come here. I came to Toronto from Windsor to meet you (370 KM). I believe that me being here [is a sign that God] has granted me more love. How do I get enlightened?

A: During the daytime, you are more inclined towards the mundane aspect of life so the pace of the heart gets slow because you are busy with other stuff. But during the night when there is nothing for you to do and you are more focused on your heart, that is the time when your heart performs more of its Dhikr (invocation of God’s name).

Q: How do I reach out to Prophet Mohammad? I want to be enlightened and see God. When I started meditating, I was in so much pain.

A: People often talk about the Third Eye. With the help of the Third Eye, people can see things which they are not normally able to see. There is no Third Eye [per se]; there is only an eye. That eye will open up once your Carnal Self is completely purified.

The Carnal Self (Nafs) is at the bellybutton. It is the Ego. When this soul is completely purged and purified, your eye is open forever. What you cannot see with these two physical eyes, with that, you will be able to see everything. Even prophets and angels; everything that you cannot now see with the physical eyes.

The Third Eye is actually the purification [of the Carnal Self]. When this happens you will be able to see, but it takes time.

*His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi reveals that the history of mankind did not begin 6000 years ago with Adam and Eve. The Adam and Eve we know from the Torah, Bible and Koran was the final pair sent by God. Prior to this, different Adams were sent into different localities around the world - which is why the skin colours and temperaments of different nations vary. Learn more about the true history of humankind in His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi’s book, The Religion of God (Divine Love).

Quote of the Day: To Admire Beauty...

'Admirar la belleza es la costumbre divina.’ - Su Santidad Younus AlGohar

‘To admire beauty is the divine custom.’ - Younus AlGohar

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Quote of the Day: When You Please Your Self...

‘When you please your Self, you are actually displeasing your heart.’ - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

'Cuando complaces a tu Ser, en realidad estás disgustando tu corazón.’ - Señor Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Friday, 17 November 2017

Experiences at the Birmingham Mind Body and Spirit Expo

From 3-5 November, our team set up a booth at the Mind, Body and Spirit Exhibition in Birmingham. Our booth was directly in front of the entrance to the exhibition. One large banner featured the divine signs on the Moon and on the Holy Black Stone and another depicted the message of Revolutionary Holistic Healing. It was quite busy and there were a lot of different people from diverse ethnicities, religions and belief systems. The following are selected experiences from loving souls who came to our booth during the exposition.
On the first day, Ms Kim came to our booth and listened to the whole message of HDE Ra Gohar Shahi and took the Opening of the Spiritual Heart with the name of Jesus. We also told her about the image on the Moon and that it communicates with people who wish to speak to it. After the Opening of the Spiritual Heart, she told us that when she entered the exhibition, as she was standing in the corridor close to our booth, she became so emotional that tears started to well up in her eyes - so much so that even people started to notice. She then said that she was still very emotional when she came to our booth but after the Opening of the Spiritual Heart, she felt great relief.
The next day as we were packing up, she came back to us specifically to thank us and tell us how happy and grateful she was for the message and the spiritual healing. She told us, ‘I know it sounds silly, but it was a Full Moon yesterday and I spoke to the image on the Moon last night.’ She was extremely happy and thrilled with joy; she said that she would look at the Moon again and told us to keep up the good work. She hugged our team members and took pictures with us.
Francisca was an atheist who came by our booth and listened to the universal revolutionary message of Divine Love and learnt about the Opening of the Spiritual Heart with great interest. She took the name Ra Riaz and experienced a rise in heartbeats and heat in her chest. She was very happy and satisfied; she took our literature and the Messiah Herald magazine with her to study.
An elderly woman was drawn to the image of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi as she was passing by our booth. We explained to her the message of Divine Love and spiritual healing and we let her know that all our literature was free. She was very pleased to hear our message and asked for the Opening of the Spiritual Heart. She and her friend took the original name of Jesus, ‘Ya Isa’.
Hasnah, a member of our team, relays what happened next.
‘After the spiritual healing and taking the Opening of the Spiritual Heart, she kept her eyes on the image of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi. As our team member was explained the practice method for the next seven days. Then, she suddenly interrupted asking, “Has Lord Ra Riaz been to Norway?”. When we told her yes, she smiled sincerely and said, “Yes, this is Him.” Then she told us that she had seen His Divine Eminence on TV in Norway before. She took bundles of our literature: images of HDE, leaflets, magazines and The Religion of God (Divine Love) book with her to take back to Norway for her family and friends. She was extremely happy and satisfied; she kept thanking us. She hugged our team members and took pictures with us before leaving.’
Another woman was fascinated by our universal message of Divine Love. She was interested in taking the divine name, Ra Ram, after learning the secrets behind it. Referring to the name, she asserted that it was ‘such a beautiful combination of names.’ She took the Opening of the Spiritual Heart, immediately after which she opened her eyes and said that she felt gushes of wind coming at her face as well as lights. She kept asking in astonishment if one of our team members were fanning her or if there was a fan nearby. 
She said that it was, ‘The most amazing experience in my life. I have never before experienced anything similar.’
She later brought her mother and her son for the Opening of the Spiritual Heart. Her son took the name Ra Ram and her mother took the name of Krishna. Both of them were happy after the spiritual healing, before taking a picture with our team.
A Sikh woman listened to the entire message of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi with keen interest. She asked numerous questions and spent nearly an hour at our booth. She took the Opening of the Spiritual Heart of the name Guru Nanak. She kept her eyes closed and her hand on her heart for over 15 minutes subsequent to this. She seemed speechless and overwhelmed, as her expectations had been massively exceeded. She told us that she saw lights during the Opening of the Spiritual Heart.
Another visitor at our booth, Atif Iqbal, said to one of our members, ‘I will visit the website. I’m sure there is lots of content on spiritual development and ways to enrich the soul. I must confess you did resonate a lot of positive energy (a rare gift). You were engaging; I was very much present and absorbed in our conversation. On reflection I do wish I had talked to you more - you are such an uplifting soul.’
On the last day as we were closing up our booth and had already packed up all of the literature and the banners, a young woman by the name if Jessica came to one of our members. She seemed eager and said, ‘I know you have already packed up but can I please take some leaflets?’ We explained our mission to her and she listened with a lot of love, attention and curiosity. As soon as we mentioned the image of HDE on the Moon, she said, ‘I saw the image on the Moon on your banner. That's why I came.’ We then offered her spiritual healing and the Opening of the Spiritual Heart. As soon as we told her about the grand name Ra Riaz, she interrupted and said, ‘Yes! I want to take this name.’ After the Opening of the Spiritual Heart, she was extremely happy. She experienced heat in her chest. She took a lot of literature and all the available editions of the Messiah Herald with her.
The above-mentioned incidents are just a few among the top highlights from the Birmingham Mind, Body and Spirit exhibition. From the moment we set up on the first day to when we were packing up, people of different cultural backgrounds and diverse ethnicities came to our booth; they left with satisfaction and gratification.
Most of the people who also took spiritual healing experienced a lot of positivity. They either saw coloured lights, felt some heat in the chest, a sudden rise in heartbeats, positive emotions or a sense of feeling a sudden burden off their chest. The responses and experiences were fantastic for the team and all the attendees who came by our booth for either spiritual healing or to learn about our universal message of Divine Love, peace and global unification.

Quote of the Day: Those Deprived of Self-Negation...

 ‘Those deprived of self-negation develop intolerance.’ - Younus AlGohar

'Quienes se ven privados de la auto-negación desarrollan intolerancia.’ - Su Santidad Younus AlGohar

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Quote of the Day: Love and Intellect Cannot Stay...

‘Love and intellect cannot stay together in one head.’ - Younus AlGohar

'El amor y el intelecto no pueden permanecer juntos en una sola cabeza.’ - Su Santidad Younus AlGohar

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Quote of the Day: If You re Holy...

 ‘If you are holy, every place is holy.’ -  Younus AlGohar

'Si eres santo, cada lugar es santo.’ - Su Santidad Younus AlGohar

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Quote of the Day: There is a Hidden Treasure...

'There is a hidden treasure in you, but you are not aware of it.' - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

'Hay un tesoro escondido en ti, pero no estás enterado de eso'. - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Monday, 13 November 2017

Quote of the Day: Love is the Divine Substance...

‘Love is the divine substance which settles in the heart.’ - Younus AlGohar

'El amor es la sustancia divina que se instala en el corazón.’ - Su Santidad Younus AlGohar

Sunday, 12 November 2017

God's Point of View

The following is an excerpt from a speech Younus AlGohar delivered to a gathering of spiritual leaders in Mexico before the Amor Universal Conference.

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, ‘Those who are spiritual - who are Godly - are always happy. They never look sad.’
When I went into the depth of knowledge pertaining to God, I found out that God is more romantic than Romeo and he wants his friend to act like Juliet. However, when we become spiritual and religious, we become so serious.

When it comes to becoming a spiritual person, there should not be any difference whether that seeker is a woman or a man. There are so many people in the world who talk about spirituality; however, their definition of spirituality is very fake.

The point I want to raise today is how do we, the creation, think - and how does God think? What is God’s point of view? How does he think about us and what does he want?
Both parties should be aware that there is a relationship between them. For example, if you love me, you should tell me. If I love you, I should I tell you. If I love a woman, and everybody else knows but her (or vice versa), what is the point?

So in a similar fashion, if we want to love God, we should tell him. If I want to tell a woman that I love her, but she is not here, then it is like talking to the walls. When you are in a mosque, church, temple or synagogue and you say, ‘God, I love you,’ you are telling walls.
The temples, churches, mosques, etc. are not the true houses of God. In these worship places, we do some sort of worship. That’s it.
The true house of God is the heart.
There was a man at the time of Moses. He heard that Moses spoke to God on the Mount of Sinai. So he went to every mountain and yelled, ‘God, where are you?’ There was no reply. When there was no reply, he became really depressed. He said, ‘God, I looked for you everywhere. You spoke to Moses on this Mount of Sinai. I came here and called out your name, but you didn’t reply.’

Then, [sometime later], it was his calling. he was about to die. The angels who were taking out his soul asked him, ‘Why are you so sad?’

He said, ‘I wanted to speak with God all my life. I wanted to love him all my life, but I couldn’t find any way.’

Then, in that last moment, the angels said to him, ‘Speak to God now. He is listening to you.’
He said, ‘God, where are you? I looked for you everywhere.’
God replied, ‘You looked for me everywhere but you forgot yourself. I was in your heart.’
This is the important organ in our body, whether it is about our physical life or whether it is about our relationship with God.
People want to love God. Some people want to love God while being a Muslim. Some others want to love God as a Christian. Every religious person wants to love God within their religion. This is why everybody loves him differently.
But now, God wants them to love him with uniformity. All should love him with the heart.

Quote of the Day: Rejecting Spirituality...

‘Rechazar la espiritualidad es rechazar la fuente de la vida.’ - Su Santidad Younus AlGohar

'Rejecting spirituality is rejecting the source of life.' - Younus AlGohar

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Quote of the Day: The True House...

‘La verdadera casa de Dios es el corazón.’ - Su Santidad Younus AlGohar

’The true house of God is the heart.’ - Younus AlGohar

Friday, 10 November 2017

Quote of the Day: If Your Conscience...

 ’If your conscience is dead, you are dead.’ - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

‘Si tu conciencia está muerta, estás muerto.’ - Señor Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Quote of the Day: It is Almost Impossible

‘It is almost impossible to find unconditional love in this world.’ - Younus AlGohar

‘Es casi imposible encontrar amor incondicional en este mundo.’ - Su Santidad Younus AlGohar

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Quote of the Day: Love God for the Sake of God

‘Love God for the sake of God.’ - Younus AlGohar

‘Amar a Dios por el bien de Dios.’ - Su Santidad Younus AlGohar

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Quote of the Day: A Formal Invitation...

 ‘Una invitación formal a Dios en un sentido práctico es desalojar tu corazón.’ - Su Santidad Younus AlGohar

’A formal invitation to God in a practical sense is to vacate your heart.' - Younus AlGohar

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Pir Alauddin Siddiqui Ke Mureed Ke Sawal Ka Jawab

#AskYounusAlGohar - A follower of Pir Alauddin Siddiqui asks, ‘While Pir Alauddin Siddiqui was living, his teachings seemed so fascinating and I was under the impression that I was getting closer to God. Since he died, however, none of what he taught is benefiting me. I was empty then and I am empty now. Why is that? Was he not a true spiritual guide or am I a bad disciple? What do I do?


- Whoever Pir Alauddin Siddiqui was is between him and God. Whatever rank he may have from God, nothing we do or say can affect it. We won’t benefit from either praising him or speaking ill of him. Instead, you should be concerned about yourself.

- We have to know our true purpose of coming in this world. We have to know who we are and how to become an enlightened believer (Momin). And if we are empty inside, we need to know what to do to fill the void. We have to know who to turn to in order to obtain enlightenment and the way to God.

- Prophetic Tradition: 'If you recognise your Nafs (Carnal Self), then you won’t have difficulty in recognising God.'

To remove the emptiness, you need to recognise your Nafs. To recognise the Nafs, it is necessary that your heart is purified and enlightened to a point where it is like a mirror. When the heart is revived and illuminated with God’s light (Noor), then the heart will be shining and whatever comes in front of it, is reflected onto the heart. When the Nafs is then shown to the heart, you will be able to see its ugly reality. Then God’s light will go towards the Nafs from the heart.

- His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi said, 'If you are in search for a spiritual guide yet you do not find one, call upon us and we will help you. We will take you to God. Then once you reach God through us, you can search for a spiritual guide.'

His Divine Eminence doesn’t ask for any commitment and He does not care what sect you belong to. If you are in search for God, His Divine Eminence will help.

- Once you have obtained the Opening of the Spiritual Heart, go to the shrine of Data Sahib because there is no doubt that he was a saint of God. Since God’s name is being pronounced in your heart and God’s light is present in Data Sahib, when you come to his shrine, you will feel your heartbeats rise. When this happens, recognise that you are in front of a saint of God. Then, go to a few other saint’s shrines. Then, go to those who claim to be saints in the UK and USA; if they have God in them, then you will feel the same spiritual ecstasy you felt sitting in front of Data Sahib’s shrine. If not, then recognise the fact the person in front of you is a fraud.

- This is the best way to recognise who you are, who your spiritual guide is and whether or not God is merciful upon you. If God is merciful upon you then he will give you something he doesn’t give to everyone: the way to his love.

- If you want to receive the Opening of the Spiritual Heart (Dhikr-e-Qalb) through which the heart may be revived with God’s light, simply call us on WhatsApp to receive permission and the method: +447380315726

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Si el alma dentro del cuerpo es pura, el cuerpo actuará puro.’ - Su Santidad Younus AlGohar

 ‘If the soul inside the body is pure, the body will act pure.’ - Younus AlGohar

Friday, 3 November 2017

NOV 3-5: MFI at the Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival in Birmingham

This weekend (November 3-5), Messiah Foundation International will be participating in the Mind Body and Spirit Wellbeing Festival in Birmingham! Find us at Stand B1. Our team will be on hand to give free spiritual healing, offer the Opening of the Spiritual Heart and provide free literature including copies of the Messiah Herald and The True Mehdi magazines. Check out the Mind Body and Spirit Wellbeing Festival website for details.